About the instructor

Shobha Bhat is a Commerce Graduate, Law Graduate and NLP Practitioner and Coach from Mumbai, India.

Passionate about helping others, she learnt about Neuro-Linguistic Programming and attended a basic workshop held in Mumbai which fuelled her interest, encouraging her to attend the advanced program.

She has successfully completed “Train The Complete Life Coach (TTCLC)” program conducted from December 01,2019 to December 14,2019 in Mumbai.

This is where she attended and successfully learnt (a) Firewalk Session (b) Rapid Success Formula (c) Accelerated Online Mastery during the aforementioned 14 Days program.

The Firewalk Session is a effective tool which helps to shape the thought process of the brain to think anything can be achieved, no matter how difficult it appears to be.

She focuses her practice on boosting the confidence of students, management of stress induced by various factors, propagating general well-being and wealth generation, corporate training and mind programming.

She is extremely passionate about helping students excel in whatever fields, they choose by helping them overcome stress, anxiety, exam fear and other such hurdles that prevent them from achieving unparalleled success.

Through her efficient techniques, she helps people cure auto immune diseases that more often than not, stem from anxiety, stress and certain past regressions.